Agata Grela: Transforming Finance With Iot And AI Tech

The way money stuff works is changing a lot because of new fancy tech things. This lady named Agata Grela. She’s a big deal at RBS International, talked about it at a big tech event called IoT Tech Expo Global. She said these tech things—IoT (that’s Internet of Things) and AI (that’s Artificial Intelligence)—are becoming really important for banks and money people.

She talked about how these emerging technologies are helping banks keep track of money stuff better. Like, with IoT, they can see what’s going on with people’s money in real time. And AI helps them figure out smart ways to use all the information they have. But she also said they gotta be careful about using AI right, ’cause it can get tricky sometimes.

Agata said that for banks to stay good at what they do. They need to keep learning about these tech things and use them in ways that make sense. It’s like making sure everyone knows how to use new toys so they can do better at their jobs.

Agata Grela’s Insights At Iot Tech Expo Global

Grela highlighted the vital importance of understanding and using new emerging technologies to bring big changes to the financial world. She pointed out how crucial it is for financial companies to take on digital transformation projects. By guiding them towards being strong and flexible. Grela emphasized that it’s essential for financial institutions to grasp and make use of emerging technologies. She stressed the key role of digital transformation. It means using technology to make financial companies more robust and able to adapt easily.

Grela underscored the need for financial organizations to get a hold of. And use the latest technologies to make significant improvements. She made it clear that adopting digital changes. It is a crucial step for financial firms to become stronger and more flexible in their operations.

Importance Of Emerging Technologies

Grela talked about how important it is to try out and create new things using technologies like IoT and AI. She pointed out how these technologies can help make services more focused on clients. Make sure organizations are ready for the future, and help them deal with changes in society and technology.

In simpler words, Grela said that trying and inventing new stuff using IoT and AI is really crucial. She showed how these technologies can make services better for clients. It help organizations get ready for what’s coming, and deal with changes happening in society and technology.

Iot’s Impact On Financial Services Of Emerging Technologies

Agata Grela talked about how using real-time IoT data became really important in seeing more about what clients own. She said it’s crucial to put this data into context to get useful information. It can give an advantage in making decisions compared to others.

Opportunities In Asset Tracking And Monitoring

She unveiled the substantial potential of IoT in tracking and monitoring client assets. By offering contextual insights, and delivering tailored advice—a fusion once perceived as dichotomous to financial services.

The Role Of AI In Financial Modernization

AI systems were hailed for their prowess in optimizing processes and extracting invaluable insights from colossal datasets. However, Grela cautioned about the imperative need for ethical frameworks governing AI applications. Intriguingly, she delved into the realm of generative AI. Specifically highlighting ChatGPT’s data processing capabilities while underscoring its lack of inherent future-thinking capacities.

Guiding Development Of Emerging Tech In Finance

Grela emphasized how important it is for financial institutions to keep looking at. And using new technologies in a world that’s always changing. She talked about how crucial it is to keep growing and changing with technology all the time.

In simpler words, Grela said that financial companies need to keep checking out, By using new technologies because things change a lot. She mentioned how it’s really important to always be growing and changing with technology. Grela spoke about the skills people need for the future and how it’s essential to make technology easy to understand. She said that learning skills that are good for the future, like understanding how systems work, is crucial. Also, she highlighted the importance of making tech talk simple so that it fits easily into everyday life.

Holistic Transformation And Integration

Grela highlighted how different technologies work together. By showing how important it is to understand how they connect to make big changes in how things work using digital tools. She pointed out how different types of technology can work together. Stressing how crucial it is to know how they fit together to make big changes digitally.

Agata Grela talked about making technology easy for everyone to use in their own way. She said that making sure technology is available and fits each person’s job well. It is really important for making big changes in how financial companies work. Grela emphasized how different technologies can team up. And how it’s vital to know how they link up to bring about significant digital changes. She stressed the importance of ensuring technology is easy to use and suits each person’s role, which is key for transforming how financial institutions operate.

Embracing Technological Evolution

As technology keeps advancing, it’s crucial to strike a balance between its benefits and potential drawbacks. This means carefully weighing the advantages of adopting new technologies against the possible risks they may bring. In simpler terms, as technology progresses, it’s vital to weigh both its positive and negative aspects. We need to think about how much we gain from new technologies and also consider the risks they might pose.

Moreover, Grela highlighted the need for inclusive participation when introducing new technology. It’s not merely about using technology for the sake of it; rather, it’s about having a clear purpose and ensuring everyone contributes to its success. Grela emphasized the importance of finding equilibrium between the pros and cons of technological advancements. She stressed that it’s not just about using technology but using it purposefully and involving everyone in ensuring its success.


The discourse at IoT Tech Expo Global, spearheaded by Agata Grela. Accentuated the pivotal role of IoT and AI in reshaping financial institutions. Embracing emerging technologies while navigating ethical considerations and fostering continuous evolution stands as the cornerstone for future-proofing financial services.

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