Walis is a well know brand of men’s unstitch top quality fabric store. With cutting-edge industrial technology. And a team of higly talented and dedicated professionals in the art of fabric manufacturing and design. It has paved the route for advancesment and excellence. Embrace the cultural yet contemporary modern look of a man who strives […]

Ofra Cosmetics

OFRA is committed to creating innovative products with good-for-you ingredients that are cruelty & gluten-free. We believe that beauty is never perfected, and creating it is very personal to us. We are constantly evolving, developing, and testing out new products to improve the journey that is beauty.


With over 20 years of experience in construction sector in Saudi Arabia and through our distinguished relationships with suppliers and factories mukemmal

Saffron Retail

For this reason, our each design serves an idea. Our strength in design is reflected by our name, our care for details. Our specialist won’t be afraid to go extra miles just to approach near perfection.

Denso Hall

Welcome to the world of sensors and controllers, where innovation meets efficiency. We are your premier provider of high-quality sensors and controllers designed to optimize your processes and enhance your operations. At we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and providing tailored solutions that […]

Cutsie Apparel

The goal of Cutsie Apparel is to house all of a child’s needs, from 0 to 14, under one roof. The mission of Cutsie Apparel has been to transform retail buying for parents and children in Pakistan since its establishment. We are eager to amaze our consumers with amazing in-store and online purchasing experiences.

Carya Cosmetics

Carya Cosmetics is known as a brand that provides convenient solutions for women with compact & travel-friendly makeup. Our products are created to make your life easier & hassle free.

Body Building Gearaa

Gear is another supplement that works better when used with super plasma serum. When combined with a diet, it can help your muscles grow stronger.


Artistic and modern ecommerce website examples and learn new ways to use optimization and functionality to boost customer conversion.

African Carbon

African Carbon is a company focussing on the manufacturing and packaging of Botswana Charcoal and Briquettes, but we also have a range of other products such as fire lighters, firewood, and other consumables. it has been growing exponentially. Excellent quality and ease of doing business are the cornerstones our company has been built on.
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